We look to invest in industries with strong underlying growth and in businesses where incremental capital can generate attractive returns on investment and further accelerate growth, both organically and through acquisitions. GCP looks for businesses at inflection points in their operating models, often post VC-funding, but pre-IPO or larger scale private equity capital

Investment Profile

  • Lower Middle-Market focus
  • $2 - $20 million in Operating Profit, but will consider earlier stage in certain technology sectors
  • $10 - $50 million investments, but will consider lower/higher investments in certain situations
  • Both control and minority investments


  • Long track record backing entrepreneurs/founders
  • Proven managers with successful history of driving value creation
  • Strong alignment of interests and equity ownership

Industry Focus

  • Tech-enabled Business Services (e.g. enterprise software, marketing technology, big-data, cybersecurity, insurance brokerage, among others) 
  • Financial Services/Technology (e.g. payment processing, payments, community banks, insuretech, among others)